Complete information on Web Servers

About web servers

The best way to know about web servers is to get into the technical aspects of things. A server is nothing but an assimilation of hardware, software and various protocols. Let us now learn about these terms in detail.

Complete information on Web Servers

Hardware of the server

The hardware of a server is no different from the hardware of an ordinary computer but only the software is different so that it can host websites. The server’s hardware is usually stored in a secured environment called data center. The rooms storing the equipments have climate control. Reputed companies have their own data centers. The centers have technicians that work long hours to make sure that a server functions properly at all times.

Software of the server

The software pays a vital role in the functioning of a particular server. As you already know of the different operating software that are available so if you are keen to settle for a Linux based server you have to maintain a high level of security within the servers. Windows too has a very good range of operating software that are utilized by many people and companies.

The Protocols

Protocols are nothing but a chain of logical commands that facilitate the transfer of files at a faster rate. This is an application that helps to transfer pages of the website from the personal computer.

The various kinds types of Web Servers

  • Shared Servers: These servers are very popular with the people simply because these servers are capable of hosting multiple websites within a single time. The server is not as expensive as some other web servers.
  • Reseller servers: These servers are very cost effective and if you have started a new business. Private and resellers of service are two kinds of reseller servers. The private resellers is said to be the best option available to the public as it gives you total control of the website. A private scheme will allow the reseller to keep all the payments paid by the customers. This server will also allow you to host more than one website simultaneously provided you utilize shared hosting for hosting your website.
  • Dedicated servers: This server is just perfect for those business houses that have a busy website that have a lot of data. Websites that attract a lot of traffic every day usually use this server. These servers usually have very high specifications. These servers do cost a bit more than the other types.

Some other facts on dedicated web servers

Dedicated servers are just perfect for those who have very busy websites. Basically you do not have to share the resources of the servers with other websites. So in the long run the performance of your website will be much faster at all times. Using dedicated servers will give you total control over your website and you can add a lot of security to your website thus people will have a lot of confidence in your website which means increased traffic which equals to an increase in revenue. This server is expensive than the others.

So select a server that serves your purpose so that you are able to get the best out of the hosting activity.

All the things you should know about Web Servers

Web Servers

Introduction to Web servers

Now before you get into What Company Offers the Best VPS? You must understand a thing or two about the technology involved in web servers. A web server is nothing but a combination of protocol, software and hardware. So we are now going to familiarize ourselves with these three terms.

Server Hardware

This is very similar to the hardware of an ordinary computer but the only difference is that it has special software installed in it so that it can host websites unlike a normal computer. Usually the computer will have huge RAM, a big disk space and a connection to the internet. These server hardware are kept inside a data center where there are several servers stored in a protected environment. The rooms that contain the servers are climate controlled. Most of the well known website companies maintain their very own data centers. These centers have technicians working round the clock to make sure that the servers stay up all the time.

Server Software

When it comes to the Web servers the software plays a very vital role. You must know by now that there are various operating software that are found in the shops. For example if you decide to go for a Linux hosting you have to make sure that the server is extremely secure at all times. Windows has also produced a good range of operating systems that can be very helpful.


Protocol is nothing a but a set of systematic orders that help to transfer files faster. This is a server application that helps to upload website pages from the desk top computer.

The different kinds of Web servers

Shared servers

These servers are the most popular types of servers; these servers are very capable of hosting more than one website at same time. This server is quite reasonable in comparison to the others.

Reseller servers

These are low cost servers and are perfect if you have just started your business. This server is further divided into reseller of service and private label. The private label is considered to be the best one as you can have full control over the website of your customers. A Private label scheme will permit the reseller to keep the monthly payment of the hosting customer. This hosting also permits you to host multiple websites provided you are using shared servers for the hosting activity.

Dedicated servers

These servers are perfect for those individuals who have a big website with a lot of data, and website that attracts a lot of traffic on a regular basis. These servers have the highest configuration possible. These servers are expensive in comparison to the others that are available.


What Company Offers the Best VPS?

New websites usually opt for a shared VPN as it is the cheapest option and does not require thorough maintenance; thus, you are not required to have rigid knowledge about your site’s functions because these are made easier through their server’s design and development methods. Unfortunately, when you have finally acquired the traffic and sales, most often, a VPN may not be able to handle all these, leading to affected loading time and reached bandwidth limit. Once it happens, you can either resort to switching to VPS or dedicated server, which are much complex servers but can provide you ample space and bandwidth your website needs.

If you are planning to purchase a VPS for your website, you have to thoroughly check the provider’s offered inclusions in order for you to weigh all the advantages that you may be able to acquire in order for you to have a protected server.

We are not being biased here as we have assessed and used almost all the affordable VPS available on the web these days and what we loved most is Cheap Windows VPS.

Cheap Windows VPS offers diverse plans; therefore, you may be able to weigh your needs, eliminating those you do not really need for your website. With that, you can efficiently manage your expenses. Once you acquired the targeted traffic, you can immediately upgrade your plan because it’s renewable monthly.

Here are the available plans offered by Cheap Windows VPN:


So as you can see, they also have available VDN for websites that need bigger spaces and bandwidth, however, these are very expensive so you might want to settle for their VDS options first. Each package has different allocated guaranteed memory, drive space and bandwidth. With Cheap Windows VDS, you are ensured that all these are only for your sole usage and you won’t be competing with other websites that use the same server. When their activities increase, your website will not be affected in any way.

Now the problem is some people usually resort to the cheapest VPS without assessing what the inclusions are. If you are going to decide according to the price, then you might end up paying more because these are surely adjusted according to your budget, thus, some of the important points may not be included on their packages. You have to thoroughly assess what your website needs and afterwards check several affordable VPS companies that have various plans so that your wallet will not be ripped afterwards. It is not really hard, however, if you do not really understand how VPS works, you can hire a website developer so that you will be properly guided and possible problems that may arise after some time will be thoroughly eliminated.

What is a web server and what are its pros and cons

Web servers are nothing not exactly the heart of the Internet. Despite which organization you choose to host your site, it’s critical to see a percentage of the specialized insights about how they function. Each host has specific PCs called servers which unite with the Internet and “serve” website pages when they are asked for by Internet clients.

That is, the point at which somebody wishes to view a certain site page by clicking on a connection the solicitation is sent to the specific PC (server) where that website page is put away.

Row of network servers in data center

Most web servers are worked by web facilitating organizations however any PC joined with the Internet can likewise work in the same limit. The huge distinction is that the site holder, instead of a web facilitating organization, would need to perform all the specialized errands connected with getting the webpage joined with the Internet and keeping it running easily.

Most site managers are more intrigued by building their own online business and/or “web vicinity” than they are in turning into a web host.

If With the operating system of Web server

“The more perplexing the as the complete information on the various Web servers programming is, the more noteworthy is the chance that something will happen.”, the more noteworthy is the probability that there are security openings in the product, the more peculiarities and usefulness that are given by a Web server,

By their temperament, Web servers have security openings and can be imparted as the complete information on the various Web servers. A standout amongst the most well-known reasons for a rupture of security is the CGI script. On the off chance that you can’t get a CGI programming master to check the scripts’ code, at any rate test the scripts to guarantee that they confirm the information entered by a program client before giving access to classified reports or any administrations gave by the server’s working framework.

  • Configure the Web server painstakingly:-
  • Executable documents ought to be permitted to run just in specific catalogs that you indicate.
  • Source code ought not to be put away anyplace where it can be downloaded.
  • If you needn’t bother with them, cripple Content Management Systems and different peculiarities that permit program clients to alter and oversee records on remote servers

Why you ought to understand the masters & cons

It is one thing to say, you need to host your own web server and it is something else to really do it.


Own awareness of other’s expectations

Mindfulness level raised (you are at the forefront of all server happenings)

No month to month facilitating charges/accounts

Ineptitude no more exist

More data transmission

No additionally attend to another person time

Complete control


Debilitating now and again

Confronted with server/equipment issues

No specialized bolster group

Programming, equipment, and system costs

What happens when dealing with them

Dealing with web servers begins as a full time work, you should always screen its execution and security. This can infrequently be a debilitating undertaking, particularly in the event that you right now have different obligations. However, the control you will have over your site and its execution is sufficiently compensating. You can even start facilitating family & companions individual sites.

Complete information on the various Web servers

Web Servers

If you plan to set up a website and you do not know much about the internet then there are high chances that you may not know anything about the various Web Servers. Before you even think of setting up your own website you must first get your own website. The basic function of the server is to host your website for people to have access to it. There are basically three kinds of Web servers that are present and they are listed below.

The different Types of Web Servers have different technical specification and they are prices as per their performance. You should choose a server that will suit the purpose of your website. If you are unsure you should get professional advice.

Dedicated Servers

This is perfect for those that have ecommerce sites with a huge. You often require a lot of resources that will make sure that your website keeps running properly. Dtabase activities can actually consume a lot of resources from the hardware so in this case you should not go for shared servers. As a customer you will get a lot of choices from selecting core machines that have 8GB memory to standard machines with processors of dual core. In this case you will have complete ownership of the server, so you have the liberty to remove or install software as per your requirement. The level of security is high since only you will have access to it.

Virtual Private Servers

These servers are very much like the Shared Servers and they can host only about 20 websites for every machine so each website can have access to sufficient resources. There are certain advanced servers that can be customized to suit the needs of the customer. The good part is that this server offers more stability in comparison to Shared Servers. These servers are not expensive so no matter how small your budget may be these are well within your reach

Shared Servers

These are nothing but stand alone computer which are partitioned to host more than one account and that is why this has been named as shared hosting. Now shared hosting servers are capable of hosting more than 200 websites from each machine. So by now you have understood that the Types of Web Servers can be of immense help to you provided you select the right one that will serve the purpose of your website.

Different Types of Web Servers

If you’re an aspiring web developer, understanding the different types of web servers is a crucial skill. If you’re fairly new to the game, you might ask, what are web servers? Our famous free online encyclopedia says that a web server is a computer system that processes requests via HTTP, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web. The term can refer either to the entire system, or specifically to the software that accepts and supervises the HTTP requests.

In order to become a proficient webmaster, understanding different types of web server is a must. We’ll briefly discuss about some of the world’s most popular web servers.


The apache web server made by Apache Software Foundation is the world’s most popular web server. This is an open source web server, available to anyone for free. It can be installed into multiple operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and more. According to Netcraft, there are 350,853,798 websites using Apache as their web server as of November 2014.


The Apache Tomcat has been developed to support servlets and JSP scripts. Though it can serve as a standalone server, Tomcat is generally used along with the popular Apache HTTP web server or any other web server. Apache Tomcat is free and open source and can run on different operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X and Free BSD.

Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) Windows Server

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, IIS Windows Web Server offers high levels of performance and security than its predecessors. Its current version, IIS 8.5 is included in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1. Prior to IIS 7.0, all versions of IIS that’s running on client operating systems only supports up to 10 simultaneous connections and a single website. With its recent improvement, IIS currently powers 306,029,307 websites around the world (according to Netcraft).

Nginx (engine-x)

The same as Apache, an open source web server developed by Igor Sysoev, Nginx, pronounced as “engine-x”, is known for its performance and stability. It doesn’t use threads to handle requests rather a much more scalable event-driven architecture, which uses small and predictable amounts of memory under load. It powers 139,130,992 websites in the world as of November 2014.


W3C’s server software is called Jigsaw. Like the other web servers we mentioned earlier, it’s also open source and cross platform. It was written in Java and it can run CGI and PHP applications.


Oddly pronounced as “lighty”, lighthttpd is distributed as a free web server bundled with the FreeBSD operating system. With its name, we can expect speed and less CPU consumption. Though it’s distributed with FreeBSD, it can also run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

Different Types of Hosting Plan – Finding the Right One for You

Most businesses today will greatly benefit from having their own website. This allows them to reach more people and provide better services to their customers. Individuals may also want to establish their own personal website to enable them to connect to others, showcase their expertise by creating an online portfolio. In addition, the growing trend of establishing an online store to sell goods is becoming popular. If you are one of the above, then you probably chose your domain name and bought it. The only thing left is the place to host it.

If you want to establish an online presence, all you need to do is to find a hosting provider. Once you’ve found a reliable hosting provider, you need to choose from different hosting plans that they offer. Now, the question is which one should you choose? Let us discuss some of the most popular hosting plans offered by the majority of web hosts.

Free Hosting Plan

This is offered by many hosting services and is often limited in space, bandwidth and control. If you just want to try things before getting a paid hosting plan, then this is the choice for you. Remember that it’s only for pure fun and you should never put a serious website on it.

Shared Hosting Plan

For beginners and small personal websites, shared hosting plan is the go to. Your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites and thus, you are all sharing a total pool of resources. If you’ve got neighboring websites that’s eating a lot of those resources, it can negatively impact your site’s performance.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting Plan

This is literally the next step in the process of a growing online business. It’s basically the same as the shared hosting plan, but resources are allocated exclusively to each website, thus allowing them to have consistent performance most of the time, regardless of the resource usage of neighboring websites. The resources are virtually allocated to each websites using the server.

Reseller Hosting Plan

It’s also the same as the latter two, except that you can sell your own hosting services to other clients. This is aimed for webmasters who has advanced knowledge in using and setting up servers and wants to sell their own hosting services.

Dedicated Server Plans

This is one of the most powerful and advanced type of hosting. Your website(s) get full access to a server and it’s not shared by other users. It will also allow you to access root or administrator privileges, install your own software, OS, and more. This is aimed to those high performance websites who needs speed, reliability and uptime. Typically, if you have a successful e-commerce website, video sharing website, high-traffic forum and the like, then this is the must have for you.

Collocated Hosting Plan

This is the priciest but the most powerful plan you can have, and with this, you’ll receive your own server space. However, you will need to bring your own server hardware, software and tools. The hosting company will only provide you the space, internet up-link and electricity. You do the rest. That means total control over everything but also needs excellent IT knowledge and staff.